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Latest news and updates

Development news: Second update in a week !

Development news
Second update in a week !

Heh, you didn't expect that so soon, did you ?

Here it is, a new AAO update. It contains the following changes.

New features :
  • Dynamic playtesting from the editor. Clicking the Playtest button in the editor now opens a player that contains your pending, unsaved changes. No need to save the changes every single time you need to test them ! (Unas)
  • New smooth scrolling modes. In addition to the linear transition previously available, you now have other options to adapt the scrolling rate to your needs. (ThePasch)
  • Expression to return player health. Use f:player_health in the expression engine to get the current player health. (Enthalpy)

Bugfixes :
  • Issue brought by latest update where the "Start" button and preloading process would be automatically skipped when loading a save. (Enthalpy)
  • Issue #78 : Fix conversion process for old trials which contained invalid external sprites. (Enthalpy)
  • Issues #154 and #156 : Fix error in the screen preview panel of the editor. (Enthalpy)
  • Issue #129 : Fix some broken aspects of loading game saves, regarding CR Icons, psyche locks and camera positioning. (Enthalpy)
  • Issue #160 : Errors when editing multiple contradictions. (Enthalpy)
  • Only apply style fixer to local stylesheets, to avoid conflicts with browser extensions. (Unas)
Issue numbers reference the AAO issue tracker : ... ine/issues

Regarding the big new feature that is the dynamic playtesting, it's worth noting that this change was made possible by the Diff&Patch engine implemented in the previous update.
First on a technical level because it works by actually sending a diff of all your unsaved changes towards the player; but also from a usability perspective - because the Diff engine also powers the warning when closing the editor with unsaved changes.
Indeed, without this warning, you could easily forget that your changes are unsaved and close everything after playtesting - and you would lose those changes. Thanks to the warning, however, this is no longer the case : the editor knows that your changes are unsaved, and will remind you about it if you try to close it.

I hope you enjoy this update !

Development news: First update in a long while !

Development news
First update in a long while !

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, I have basically not been taking care of AAO for a year, and because of me, a lot of changes and bugfixes were held back.
Indeed, even though I was away, development on AAO didn't actually stop : Enthalpy fixed quite a few bugs over the time and improved the code base - but since I wasn't here to integrate his changes and upload them to the actual site, you didn't get to enjoy the changes.

Well, it's time for a rather big update today !

New features :
  • Custom text colours (Enthalpy)
  • Player in debug mode can be opened directly from Manager (AceAttorneyMaster111)
  • Confirmation dialog on deleting a trial (Unas)
  • Confirmation dialog on closing the editor when there are unsaved changes (Unas)

Technical updates :
  • Simplify the code of the old format converters. This removes a lot of duplicated code. (Enthalpy)
  • Trial object model extraction, as well as extension engine. This enables adding new types of trial data easily, while still ensuring compatibility with old trials where this data was not set. (Unas)
  • Diff & Patch engine for JS objects to replace the complex and buggy BufferWrapper implementation. This new engine now powers the game save mechanism, as well as the new confirmation dialog checking changes made in the editor. (Unas)

Bugfixes :
  • Issue #2 : Critical failure where, given a certain sequence of actions, The cocouncil End Frame could disappear and desynchronise with the editor layout. (Enthalpy)
  • Issue #38 : Inconsistent ordering of trials in series. (Enthalpy)
  • Issue #108 : Impossible to examine a default place. (Enthalpy)
  • Issue #125 : Some old trials failed to be converted to the new format. (Enthalpy)
  • Issue #155 : Presets could save an out-of-date frame (Enthalpy)
  • Fixed German translation (ThePasch and Evolina)
And a bunch of others (#34, #83, #109, #122, #123, #127, #141, #146, #153).
Issue numbers reference the AAO issue tracker : ... ine/issues

As you see, no huge change yet for users; mostly a few comfort improvements, a lot of bugfixes and some technical changes behind the scenes.
Hopefully, however, those are the start for some interesting things to come - provided I don't disappear again !