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Latest news and updates

Community news : Moderation reorganised !

Community news
Moderation reorganised !

As you may have noticed, in recent months I have barely been able to take care of AAO at all. And while the community does a fine job of living on without me, my lack of reactivity has been a burden for the moderation team in a number of cases due to the current organisation.
Indeed, this organisation was designed for a time when I would check on AAO several times a day, and left a lot of responsibilities in my own hands only. Needless to say I've been far from that "several times a day" thing recently, hence the need to reorganise for more efficency.

To be honest, the reorganisation has limited impact as of now : the moderation team is still the same overall.
Aside from renaming moderator groups, this reorganisation brings two notable changes.

First, the "GC Moderators" group is now renamed to "Assistant Moderators" and gains powers on the Art section as well. It also gains access to the IP review and banning ability, in order to react faster to potential issues.

Second, I realised I needed a trustworthy person to handle the community as a whole during my potentially long absences.
For this reason, I have decided to promote Enthalpy, who is familiar with pretty much everything about AAO, to the status of Community Manager for the English section. This gives him power almost equal to mine over this section, as made clear by the orange colour.
This mainly includes the following powers :
  • Ability to post and moderate the Announcements section (which was originally reserved to me)
  • Ability to manage moderation teams over the English section : adding/removing moderators to/from any EN group.

Some more updates regarding moderation and rules in particular will be coming in the next weeks.

Please welcome Enthalpy to this new position !

Development news : Player and editor update

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of news lately.
I have at last updated AAO with the latest development version, where the first contributions since going open source are visible.

It includes the following changes :
  • Update : Updated the About page with the list which had outdated information. (AceAttorneyMaster111)
  • Update : Added trial author in the player header (kwando1313)
  • New feature : Defined functions str_to_lower and str_to_upper in the expression engine, to convert a string into uppercase or lowercase. (kwando1313)
  • Bugfix : Inability to save during psyche locks (Enthalpy)
  • Bugfix : Bad dimensioning of wide backgrounds in Chrome (Enthalpy)
  • New feature : Frame presets (Unas)

Thanks to all contributors here, and sorry it tooks so long to put your work online ! :-)
I'll try to be faster next time.

Now, onto some explanation about the last feature, which is the first simple answer I came up for a recurrent complaint about V6.
As you know, V6 does not expose an "auto background" feature as V5 did. This feature used to be handy in particular when writing a court scene : it would allow to automatically select the correct background when the judge or any other character spoke, hence saving a great deal of time.
In V6, it was even better : you would set all the characters on the scene once at first, and then just picking the talking character on a frame you'd have the screen transition to his position - smoothly if needed. Well... that was until the judge intervened : being in a completely different place, it forced the author to set the whole court scene back after each intervention of the judge. Terribly unefficient.

With frame presets, this specific problem is gone.
A frame preset is an exact copy of a regular frame, which can be inserted again and again anywhere in the trial. The only difference with the original frame is that each new frame will have its own ID number.
Using the Frame presets menu next to the frame insertion bar, you can :
  • Save any frame as a preset.
  • Insert any of the saved presets just like you would insert an empty frame.
This should allow you to write repetitive scenes much faster than before. :)

Keep in mind that at this point it's only a basic implementation of the concept :
  • Presets are not saved yet. When you close or reload the editor (including when you save the game), presets are forgotten.
  • Presets are not shared across trials.
  • When you select a preset to insert, it is only identified by the content of its text box.
For these reasons, at the moment, it's useless to create a large collection of presets : they are only meant to be used locally while working on a specific conversation for example.

Future evolutions are planned on those three points : first, making the preset selection menu more helpful (showing more than just the frame text), which will be essential if you need to work with a lot of presets simultaneously; second, saving preset frames for future use, maybe even shared across trials.

Stay tuned and enjoy this update ! :)