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Community News - Welcome to our new reviewer !

Community news
Welcome to our new reviewer !

There is some movement in the trial reviewers team today !

After Okappa announced his retirement from the team a month ago, a thorough audition process was put in place by the current QA team to find the best possible replacement.
The least I can say is that it didn't disappoint : not only were there quite a few candidates, but we did find the perfect new member after all.

Bad Player, Enthalpy and Okappa unanimously agreed on one name : Evolina deLuna !
I'm therefore glad to welcome Evo to the QA team ! Thanks and good luck with the job ;-)
Head over there if you wish to know what to expect from Evo's future reviews.

It's also time to thank Okappa for his long stay as a QA member and all the work he did for the community. Thanks Okappa !

I expect big cheers from everyone ! :D

Welcome to the future !

Welcome to the future !

Dear Ace Attorney Online users,

Today, I wish to introduce to you to the future. In AAO's case, this future has been waiting since ages long past; it is now time to end this wait.
As of now, I officially announce the release of Ace Attorney Online V6 !

As some talented authors among you demonstrated when preparing the Bright Age of the Law a year ago, this new version brings a new level of quality and possibilities to the world of online case making. I hope you will have as much fun using it as I had developing it !

Still, I'm quite ashamed that it took so long to release, since AAOv6 has been in development since late 2010; even more so because it has actually been so near completion for the last two years and was only completed so late because of my lack of time and involvement.

I want today's release to be a turning point for AAO, as I feel the evolution of the site requires more time than I now have to give. It is time for me to bring other contributors on board of AAO.

Spoiler : April fools ! :
That is why I'm very proud to announce that I have recently secured an important partnership with Beeline Interactive, Inc. to pursue the development of AAO.
This is an important change in many levels.
  • First and foremost, Beeline is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capcom Interactive, Inc, which owns the Ace Attorney property.
    By establishing such a partnership, we have effectively secured all the copyright infringement issues that have been hanging over AAO's head for years.
  • Beeline is also a well established mobile application developer. Just like many members in the past, Beeline has expressed interest in the potential of AAO as a mobile application, which I have always refused to do in the past as I lacked the time. Beeline, on the other hand, has the resources to handle such a project easily. While development of the iOS and Android apps has barely started as of now, you can expect big news for the future !
  • Beeline has also agreed to take part in the development of the AAO web applications and their evolution. While I will keep a supervision role at first, in particular in training their team to work with the AAO code base, they will be able to make AAO evolve much faster to meet your expectations.
  • Beeline will also provide the business model for running AAO as a successful commercial application.
    You can already have a look at our pricing plans.

As you see, this is quite the change coming now. And while I believe this is for the best, I hope you will share this opinion and keep supporting AAO in the future as you always have !

(Now that april fools is out of the way, let's move on to the real conclusion of the news.)

This is why I have decided to bring AAO open source, so that everyone among you who feels like developing (and has the abilities too of course) will be able to contribute.

In the coming weeks, I will be releasing the AAO source code on Bitbucket using Git, the tools I have decided on for the job. Through the "pull request" mechanism, Bitbucket will allow anyone to get a working copy on the code, do some updates on it, and ask me to reintegrate the changes in the master repository. I will give more details on the process later on.

I will remain the project owner, and as such I will be the one deciding to integrate a change or not.
And I expect that I will also remain the main developer for a while. But knowing how many talents this community holds, I hope to see some of them at work to assist me with development - and, who knows, maybe to take over the development some day !

Thanks again for being such a great community.

Truly yours,
Ace Attorney Online founder